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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Talk about ERP, Semantechs is adept in providing the best ERP solutions to different businesses. We are aware of the changing needs and demands that would aid in making business better efficient in different operations. The Enterprise Resource Planning which is Cloud ERP helps with the efficiency for businesses in different ways. They achieve quality control, reduced cost, better productivity and improved customer satisfaction. Moreover, when internal efficiency is greater it leads to significant profits and timely business growth too.

In these days true ERP is only in the reach of just a few companies of top rank in the world. ERP has helped these companies attain and maintain this level of success. The basic purpose of Semantechs (ERP) Solution is to make available this system to small, medium and large companies so that they can get the fullest benefit of this unique product.Semantechs (ERP) Solution is ideal choice for those who respect knowledge sharing and want transparency and clarity of information. It is for those companies that want quick information retrieval, decreased pressure of documentation, improved production quality and removal of wastage from each and every business activity. It provides an excellent control to senior and middle level managers by providing a bird’s eye view of the whole organization.

ERP Modules

  • Human Resource Management System
  • Financial Management System
  • Administration and Security
  • Production Planning Control
  • Sale Management System
  • Production Management System
  • Inventory Management System



  • Cost effective that suits any client.

  • Provides ability to modify the system by adding or removing modules as per the need

  • A flexible system that can work for both product oriented and service oriented organizations.

  • Top level management can control all activities without hassle.

  • Definite results and profits can be attained with efficiency.


  • All the modules comprise of thorough details and make for integrated features.

  • Data can easily be shared across different departments of the organization

  • The features can be streamlined depending on workflows and processes.

  • Reduced costs.

  • Better forecasting and tracking.

  • HR information can get standardized.

  • The manufacturing process gets better streamlined and firms have better competitive advantage with their trading, import, manufacturing.

  • The financial information becomes integrated on time.

  • Where inventory related information is concerned, customer order data and store customer history gets integrated.

  • Productivity information about employees and facilities can be analyzed and stored.

  • Reports can be tracked having in-depth data of various departments.

  • Inter-departmental process reporting and monitor and can be handed simply.

  • The management and marketing departments can analyze and monitor different stages.